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Thanks for visiting Wundercarparts! We have been in the aftermarket ecommerce industry for the past 16 years, and during that time we are proud to have helped thousands of satisfied customers find what they are looking for to achieve dominance on the track, complete their passion project, or just keep their daily driver on the road. Let us help you too!  


Founded in 2006 by two good friends, Wundercarparts has grown into a tight-knit team of automotive enthusiasts, family, and friends dedicated to offering a great selection of aftermarket and performance parts at competitive prices. We got our start on online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, and quickly learned that sales metrics, customer service, and ship times can make or break a business. With that in mind, we have always strived to provide the most accurate listings, fastest processing times, and friendliest customer service to meet those goals. The result of these efforts? Over 99% positive feedback on eBay, nearly 5 stars on Amazon, and tens of thousands of happy customers! With wundercarparts.com, we are proud to offer that same five-star service and fast turnaround times, with even greater savings passed on to you!  


When you place an order on our site, your payment is securely processed and all necessary order and routing data is sent out to our warehouse partners located throughout the continental US. From there, our system will select the closest facility for the parts you ordered and dispatch them accordingly. Stock varies based on location and inventory levels, but the main benefit of this process is that most orders process within 48 hours, and arrive within 5 business days. In fact, we have many customers who even receive their shipments within two days of ordering! Our expert customer service team is all US-based, and we have partnered with a leading automotive data supplier to ensure that product details and vehicle fitment is accurate and reliable. Finally, we strive to offer free shipping for most (if not all,) products we sell, and our order system helps ensure we are making the most of our shipping services to get things to you quickly and efficiently.  


Whether it's hauling butt on the track, hauling toys up north on the weekend, or just hauling the kids to soccer practice, we are proud to use the products we sell on our own vehicles. We believe that having a set of wheels means having a sense of freedom, and we are committed to keeping those wheels turning and keeping that spirit alive. 

In closing, thanks again for visiting and we hope to work with you soon! 


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